We’ve been making history and bringing our world closer together for over 100 years. The first Rotary club was started in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in 1905 by an attorney named Paul Harris. Harris wanted to bring together a group of professionals with different backgrounds and skills as a way to exchange ideas and form meaningful acquaintances. In August 1910, the 16 Rotary clubs then in the United States formed the National Association of Rotary Clubs, now Rotary International. In 1912, Rotary expanded to a few more countries, and by July 1925, Rotary clubs existed on six continents. Today, there are more than 35,000 clubs, in almost every country in the world. For more information about Rotary’s history, go to rotary.org/history.

Grassroots at the core, Rotary links 1.2 million members to form an organization of international scope. It started with the vision of one man — Paul Harris. The Chicago attorney formed the Rotary Club of Chicago on 23 February 1905, so professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas, form meaningful, lifelong friendships, and give back to their communities.

Club History

Since its inception in 1921, Dickinson Rotary is a place where leaders like you come together to move each other and our community forward. Connect with other people of action today at facebook.com/dickinsonrotary.

It’s amazing what we can accomplish when hearts and minds work together. See how local leaders from different backgrounds, cultures, and occupations are taking action — to enhance health, empower youth, promote peace, and improve their community.


Year President Club Accomplishments
Dec 20, 1920 First organizational meeting for Dickinson Rotary Club
1921-22 LR Baird Charter Club
1922-23 PS Berg
1924-25 Otto Pippin
1925-26 JW Reed
1926-27 Oscar Hoffman
1927-28 Ed Knapp
1928-29 Samuel T. May
1929-30 George Perkins
1930-31 Art Tollefson
1931-32 Duane Heaton
1932-33 Harlan Reed
1933-34 Frank Ray
1934-35 Oscar Christopherson
1935-36 LeRoy Moormaw
1936-37 Ed Winn
1937-38 Melvin Sherffus
1938-39 William R. Everett
1939-40 Ward Johnson
1940-41 Charles E. Scott
1941-42 Charles E Scott
1942-43 Frank Cooper
1943-44 Arthur Rabe Boy Scout Charter # 34
1944-45 Frank Hallowell
1945-46 Elmore Wecher
1946-47 RL Kronstedt
1947-48 Hans Guloin
1948-49 Kenneth D. Ford
1949-50 James O’Brien
1950-51 Orville Burda
1951-52 Francis Reichert
1952-53 Vernon McCutchan
1953-54 Norbert Muggli Sponsored Explorer Post for Boy Scouts
1954-55 Alem L Hagen
1955-56 Herbert Swell Started Western Edge Scholarship Program
1956-57 Gilbert Saxowsky Veteran’s Day Parade award for Most Colorful Float

Donated $500 for two aluminum boats for Heart Butte Boy Scouts

1957-58 Lewellyn Price 1st Annual Chamber Land Appreciation Award
1958-59 Raymond Douglas 2nd Annual Chamber Land Appreciation Award
1959-60 Raymond Schnell
1960-61 Robert T Coutts 4th Annual Chamber of Commerce Land Appreciation Award
1961-62 Paul Schilla
1962-63 Kenneth Mann
1963-64 Lawton Osborn
1964-65 Oscar Delong
1965-66 David Price
1966-67 Emil Trzynka
1967-68 Peter Hinrichs Assisted Bowman Rotary Club to get started
1968-69 Jim Dike
1969-70 Lauren Haacke
1970-71 Frank Reardon RI Citation for Golden Anniversary of Club Service
1971-72 WA Smart
1972-73 Donovan Benzie
1973-74 Stanley Deck
1974-75 RC Gillund Awarded Western Dakota Scholarships to Kathy Ann Kadrmas and Pamela Rae Glasser
1975-76 Pat Altringer Awarded Western Dakota Scholarship to Diane Lynn Vokal

And Renee Heiser

1976-77 OT Belsheim
1977-78 Bruce Howe
1978-79 Ralo Kuhl
1979-80 Darwin Whelan
1980-81 Lloyd Schnaidt
1981-82 Bruce Kolden
1982-83 Larry Strand
1983-84 Richard Grosz
1984-85 Jon Westrick/Ev Haunson Donated $5000 to proposed West River Center which was proposed to be located next to Whitney Stadium on DSU Campus
1985-86 Jim Cornell
1986-87 Jack Olin
1987-1988 Dwight Mundy `Hosted Exchange student from Brazil. Host family was Terry and Anita Tryznka

First female member of Rotary inducted May 1, 1988: Rev. Dr. Ann Fritschell, first female clergy at St. John’s Lutheran.

Also, Lillian Sorrenson inducted December 1, 1988

1988-1989 Gene Gendreau
1989-1990 Al Watrell Next female Barbara Adams Bleth admitted to Dickinson Rotary
1990-1991 Alvin Dvorak
1991-1992 Frank Wald Hosted District 5580 Conference 398 Rotarians and spouses were in attendance
1992-1993 Mike Parke Hosted Group Study Exchange from Scotland
1993-1994 Rick ZumBrunnen
1994-1995 Dick Harsche
1995-1996 Merry Johnston Presidential Citation

RI Citation for 75 years of Club Service

Hosted Group Study Exchange from Turkey

1996-1997 Guy Moos Completed Gazebo Project at Prairie Outpost Park

Hosted Group Study Exchange from Argentina

1997-1998 Brad Fong Hosted Exchange student Monica Rodriguez from Tepic, Mexico Host families: Rick and Jeanne ZumBrunnen and Richard and Shirley Dukart

Hosted Group Study Exchange from Australia

1998-1999 Linda Steve RI Award for clubs participating in 4 Avenues of Service
1999-2000 Lyle Brudvig Chartered Boy Scout Venturing Crew 114
2000-2001 Jerry Fisher Club celebrates 80th Anniversary
2001-2002 Shirley Dukart Dickinson State University Award for University Club for contributing to DSU Scholarships

Dickinson Airport Landscape Project

2002-2003 Jim Ozbun Established DSU Nursing Scholarship Foundation with $75,000 of Rotary and community support
2003-2004 Clyde Frank
2004-2005 Greg Sund
2005-2006 Kevin Thompson
2006-2007 Kari Shea Presidential Citation

Donated $10,000 to Dickinson Library for new building. Received permanent cabinet for Rotary history at the new library.

2007-2008 Gaylon Baker RI Certificate of appreciation for contributing to Polio Plus

Hosted District 5580 Conference

2008-2009 Glenice Hansen
2009-2010 Jason Hanson Club donated 150 books and reads to Head Start
2010-2011 Ken Nelson District Literacy Award for dictionary and Head Start reading projects

Donated Moving Rock Wall to Heart Butte Boy Scouts

2011-2012 Jon Hendrickson
2012-2013 Kris Fehr
2013-2014 Don Bares
2014-2015 Mary Massad District award for clubs donating over $1500 towards Polio Plus Campaign
2015-2016 Erv Bren Chartered Boy Scout Pack 4028

District Award:  First Place Polio Plus Largest Club Contributions $8734

2016-2017 Chad Renicker
2017-2018 Woodrow Wilson “Chip” Poland