Why Join Dickinson Rotary?

WE BUILD LIFELONG RELATIONSHIPS: Connect with other people of action today!

Dickinson Rotary has a positive impact on our local community, so our members have a strong sense of connection and purpose. Our club fosters friendship and fellowship by hosting membership events providing networking opportunities.

When you join Dickinson Rotary, your potential to make a difference in the world grows exponentially. That’s because you’re joining a network of over 1.2 million people who take action — volunteers from all over the world who share a goal of improving others’ quality of life. In fact, the top two reasons people join Rotary are to connect with and give back to their communities.

When you get involved, it’s not just the Dickinson Rotary club and community that benefits. You benefit, too. As an active Rotarian, you’ll make connections and develop skills such as leadership, communication, and networking skills while Doing Good in the World. You’ll meet community leaders and tackle local and global issues that are important to you and your fellow club members. You’ll feel the shared sense of purpose that comes from working together to better your community.

When it comes to being an active Rotarian, the opportunities are endless.

  • VOLUNTEER TO HELP with your club’s service projects.
  • CREATE STRONGER COMMUNITY TIES with a Rotary Community Corps (RCC).
  • COLLABORATE WITH OTHER CLUBS in your area on a joint service project or event.
  • MEET OTHER MEMBERS with similar interests by joining a Rotary Fellowship or a Rotarian Action Group.
  • PARTICIPATE IN INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS. Many clubs partner with clubs in other parts of the world to address a need in one of their communities.
  • HELP ERADICATE POLIO either by volunteering for a National Immunization Day (NID), contributing to the cause, or helping to spread the word.
  • ATTEND ROTARY EVENTS to exchange ideas and meet people.
  • SHARE INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY and learn about another culture when you participate in a Rotary Friendship Exchange, host a Rotary Youth Exchange student, or explore other Rotary clubs.
  • SUPPORT ROTARY’S CURRENT WORK by giving to the Annual Fund, which sustains thousands of projects that are being conducted in your community and around the world.
  • JOIN ROTARY DISCUSSION GROUPS on My Rotary. Hundreds of discussion groups allow members to connect and share diverse perspectives about all kinds of topics.
  • SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE. Join a Rotarian Action Group or area of focus discussion group and use your expertise to enhance the projects that Rotarians are working on.
  • ATTEND A PROJECT FAIR and find partners, meet people, and get ideas for projects